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Steve Reiter
Attended one of Stephen’s sermons

“I worked 15 years for Dr. James Dobson at Focus on the Family and Family Talk. In my position (chief audio engineer), I had unparalleled access to some of the great thought leaders in Christendom.  In the financial realm, I met Ron Blue, Dave Ramsey, Larry Burkett and others … Steve De Silva deserves to be mentioned in that same group.  In fact, when I listened to his message at Bethel titled Money (October 23, 2016), his analogy about bread vs seed fundamentally shifted the view of money by not only myself, but also my wife!!!”

Alan Strudwick
Financial Sozo

“We are back in Australia now and everything is still going great since my sozo with you. Just incredible praise Jesus.

  • I have no fear of man in the areas I use to have.
  • I don’t even have to catch old ineffective behaviors…I just don’t have them anymore.
  • I am still following freedom and everything is fun and filled with Joy

You asked for a testimony for the Financial Sozo so I have written one below. Yet feel free to use any of my words for whatever you like.

My wife and I went to Bethel Redding for a spiritual sabbatical and to find our next direction for life from the Lord. Upon Teaching I heard from Bill Johnson on Kingdom Abundance I realized that I needed to deal with some ‘root’ issues surrounding wealth. I have had many instances in my life where i have worked and achieved wealth .. yet only to have lost it. Sometimes my fault and other times by certain tragic events.

I have always had a deep knowing that God wanted me to steward large amounts of wealth for others and to have transformational influence in Nations. In addition i have received many seemingly impossible Prophetic words also stating the same. So I needed to find out what was going wrong.

So I made an enquiry with Dawna De Silva re getting a Sozo. She said what i needed was a ‘Financial Sozo’ and her husband Stephen did them. I didn’t even know what that was.

Well during that Financial Sozo my life changed forever. As a businessman and entrepreneur i normal don’t speak like that, yet my life has been changed and the fruit of it just keeps manifesting. I became aware of certain beliefs, mindsets and roots that were blocking me. More importantly than money issues, is that i found a new freedom in my relationship with God as my father. Plus the presence and peace and joy i felt in that sozo was beyond anything I have ever experienced. And i am STILL experiencing. It was not a ‘feeling’ experience that then later diminishes. It has lasted and increased. I am still feeling and experiencing everything 3 months later from what I was given in that sozo.

I received His love, His dreams for me, His permission for me to be wealthy, His joy and the awareness that everything is all good and that He will always not only look after me but that He delights in me fulfilling ALL my dreams.

I believe one of the biggest changes has been that my wife has witnessed all the changes in and around me since. She has stated to many that I am a ‘changed’ man and not the man she knew before that was stressed, pressured frustrated and had to strive to make a living.

I am looking forward to the continuing favor, love and joy ahead of me. I truly now have such an expected heart to gain wealth while ‘resting’ in Him and in His love for me.

Thanks Stephen for being God’s instrument in this empowering moment of my life.”

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Mark & Jen Du Toit
Teaching Prosperous Soul in Victoria Canada

“We’ve had opportunity to meet with numerous people that have been greatly impacted by your ministry time with us and there have been some really exciting breakthroughs that many have experienced. Some during the conference with Steve, or your great message on Sunday Dawna, or through Sozo’s with Susan at the time, or subsequent. Our Sozo team are so appreciative of your input to.

An extract from an email I received yesterday:

“This conference has revolutionized our thinking, healed deep wounds and opened up the doors to even more healing and freedom. I also received a SOZO session by Pat and Wendy following the conference and it was absolutely amazing! I have been keeping a “post SOZO” journal and daily, I see fruits of this ministry. I wanted to thank you both, from the bottom of my heart, for this time.  I can tell you that this has been crucial to this season that I am in.”

Since we chatted about it while you were here, I also wanted to let you know that we delayed the trip we were considering for Jen and that she will be heading down to Redding at a later date.

So, a huge thank you to you all – we are so appreciative of all you did and sowed into our community and city!

‘Til next time!”

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