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In the realm of business, there’s a powerful Hebrew concept called Vaad, which translates to “committee” or “council”. Vaad is a wise cabinet where insights and counsel on future growth are shared. This wisdom can come from the main lecturer or fellow peers, on a deeply personal level.

Stephen came across the Vaad concept during a conversation with a billionaire in Central America. The billionaire’s journey from an orphaned street kid to a real estate tycoon was remarkable.

Despite the man’s wealth, he was in tears, asking me: “Why do I have all this money?” It’s a question many wealthy individuals grapple with. While most people think about retirement or savings, the wealthy ponder buying yachts, jets, or even islands. But these possessions are meaningful only if they align with purpose: why you are alive. Without understanding your core identity and purpose, you risk falling short of your destiny and missing out on true fulfillment.

Here at Prosperous Enterprise, we believe God is raising up a generation of business leaders who understand their purpose in this world. Just like how Esther saved her people from genocide in Persia, Kingdom entrepreneurs are bringing hope and redemption to a suffering world.

Joining a Vaad Enterprise Council connects you with fellow Kingdom entrepreneurs who understand that wealth is a tool, and are committed to making lasting, positive change on Earth for generations to come.

We’re looking for seasoned business leaders. If you would like to host a Vaad in your area, complete the assessment.

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Join a Vaad Enterprise Council and experience a transformative tribe like no other. This community, comprised of Kingdom-focused business leaders provides a supportive environment for those seeking emotional, spiritual, and financial wholeness.

Kingdom entrepreneurs understand that money is power. They recognize their calling as stewards on this earth, and they aren’t afraid to use their power to make lasting positive change for generations.

In this community, you’ll discover modern-day Josephs who aren’t afraid to hear God’s divine wisdom and apply it to harsh struggles. Support and connect with other leaders who understand their mission as Prosperous Souls.

We’re looking for seasoned business leaders. If you would like to host a Vaad in your area, complete the assessment.

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