Prosperous Soul is bringing financial health to the world.

Prosperous Soul
is bringing financial health to the world.
"Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers."
3 John 1:2

Prosperous Soul is a transformative program bringing financial healing and education to individuals, families, and organizations worldwide. Grounded in biblical principles, Prosperous Soul utilizes spiritual tools like Financial Sozo® and Purpose Train© to shift from financial disease to health.

Stephen K. De Silva

In July 1995, Stephen followed his heart’s call to transition from traditional CPA services to become the Chief Financial Officer at Bethel Church in Redding. His arrival coincided with a pivotal moment for Bethel, as the board sought new senior leadership. Ultimately, Bill and Beni Johnson were chosen to lead, ushering in a period of growth and transformation.

During his time at Bethel, Stephen navigated the challenges of adapting to the evolving vision of the organization. He found himself at the intersection of faith and financial stewardship, overseeing the church’s financial affairs as it expanded its influence when Bethel’s revenues grew exponentially, from $1 million in 1995 to over $40 million by 2016.

Since 2016, Stephen leverages his extensive experience and divine inspiration to bring financial healing to homes and businesses with a fresh biblical perspective on money. Join us, and rewrite the story of biblical stewardship for generations to come.

prosperous soul
means Financial Health and Healing

Prosperous Soul® products and services encompass the full scope of products authored by Stephen K. De Silva, CPA (retired). Session and services include proprietary knowledge, techniques, and exercises that include intangible religious benefits as described by the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America.

DeSilva Ministries, a California religious nonprofit corporation (FEIN 45-3041758) operating in good standing under code section 501(c)(3) IRC, offers the following financial healing products and services.

Prosperous Soul Team

Cory De Silva

Chief Marketing Officer

Cory studied marketing and creative writing at CSU Long Beach. After graduating, he moved to Redding with his wife, Colleen, and their son, Bryght. Cory has a passion for storytelling, and dreams of one day becoming a professional screenwriter. When he’s not writing screenplays or acting in films, he’s helping families get out of debt, so they can pursue their dreams full-time and not be beholden to the banks or federal government.

Ari Isaoglu
Video and Audio Services

Ari worked as an IT manager for a technology company for 7 years. Today he does filmmaking and provides consultation for branding strategies. In his spare time, Ari flies drones and enjoys anything related to airplanes, general aviation, and flying.

Mark T. Watson
Social Media Manager

Mark Watson is a versatile digital professional with a decade of experience in website design and eight years in running targeted advertising campaigns. As a freelance social media expert, Mark has honed his skills in social media management, specializing in Facebook advertising that drives business growth and customer engagement.

Financial Sozo Network
Core Team

Stephen K. De Silva
Stephen K. De Silva is the founder and creator of Financial Sozo®, and offers one-on-one meetings for all of his ministry avenues in-person or on-line through Zoom. Whether you need consulting, coaching, or training – Stephen’s the master of Financial Health and hopes you are ready to work. Stephen’s heart is to see families restored in their finances.
Liz Gregg
Liz is the Financial Sozo Director in the UK and a Core Team member of Stephen K. De Silva Ministries. Liz is a Bethel Sozo facilitator and trainer, leads a church with her husband and runs a supernatural school. Liz loves to see people being set free and living in the destiny that God has for them. Liz co – authored Sozo for Couples and is a passionate speaker. Liz loves spending time with her family and walking in the Yorkshire Dales.
Nick Nickelson

Nick is the Financial Sozo Deputy Director in the UK and Europe and is a Core Team Member of Stephen K. De Silva Ministries. He is the Director of Lovers and Leaders Ministry which, as well as focusing on Financial Sozos, specializes in Kingdom entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur he founded and operated 3 successful companies.

Nick is passionate about seeing people living their life in Jesus to the full. Now retired from active consultancy he enjoys spending more time with his family, traveling and reading and writing. His book, ‘Risk, reward and values: the cause and character of the Kingdom entrepreneur’ was published in June 2021.

Humberto Martuscelli

Humberto Martuscelli es Licenciado en TI, es Pastor Principal de la Iglesia “El Almendro” en la Ciudad de México y fundador y CEO de Ezertek que es una firma de TI, y Facilitador Certificado de Financial Sozo. Su pasión es innovar y ser un facilitador para incubar sueños. . años del pueblo con la mente renovada del reino. Ha tenido reconocimientos en innovación tecnológica en México y España, y miembro del directorio en varias organizaciones. Sus principales aficiones son el golf, el tenis y el tiempo con la familia.

Claudia Trinidad

Claudia obtuvo un título internacional en Gestión de Políticas de la Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas de Bremen-Alemania, donde adquirió la comprensión necesaria de los contextos legales, administrativos, sociales, históricos y económicos internacionales. Actualmente dirige el Ministerio de Prosperidad con Propósito en la Iglesia El Almendro en México y trabaja como asesora internacional en PAG Advisory. También es facilitadora financiera certificada de Sozo.

Le apasiona enseñar y asesorar a emprendedores sobre los principios de la Economía del Reino.

Sus pasatiempos son: jugar juegos de mesa con la familia, leer, escribir y caminar en oración.

Andy Fraser

Andy Frasure is a Certified Financial Sozo Facilitator and an Entrepreneur. He has started various businesses and is the Pastor of Younity Church in Florianópolis, Brazil with his wife Kesia, who is the Regional Facilitator of Bethel SOZO ministry in Brazil. He is an international speaker and travels frequently preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

After serving as a Marine Corps Scout Sniper with 3 combat tours in Iraq, he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Entrepreneurship from the American Military University.

Andy is passionate about seeing people succeed in business and ministry. He desires to see healthy believers make an impact on the world through love and extravagant generosity.

Kathy Steffan

Kathy Steffan has been teaching financial literacy since 2016. She has spent thousands of hours developing her skills and creating resources to help her clients really understand how money works and all the areas it influences. 

Today, she actively coaches individuals, families, and micro-business owners to refocus, gain control, and make a plan that leads them to the success they are looking for. She is a core team member for the Financial Sozo Network and plays a role in training and development for this ministry. Kathy is a highly respected financial coach and integrates Prosperous Soul, Purpose Train, and Financial Sozos into her clients’ success plans. Kathy’s training and experience allow her clients to move quickly past unhelpful money cycles and into strategic coaching that results in sustainable and transformational growth.

Deborah Enomoto

Deborah Enomoto is a Certified Financial Sozo® Facilitator and a Bethel Transformation Center Pastoral Counselor for Bethel Sozo and Shabar. She also provides pastoral counseling for boundaries and interpersonal relationships. Deborah is passionate about helping people secure their connection to God so that they can access Heaven’s intentions and strategies for understanding their identity in Him in order to apprehend and steward the prosperity God has for them.

Anna Vaisman


I live in Haifa, Israel and I was born in Kazahstan. I like to get know new countries, new cultures and, of course, new people.

Every person is unique because he is made by God the Father. My desire and pursuit is for identity to be found by every person. 

  • Regional Facilitator Bethel Sozo Israel and Kazakhstan 
  • Basic and Advanced SOZO certified trainer.
  • Study master’s degree of Psychology.
  • Certified specialist with the right to conduct professional activities in the direction of psychology of addictive behavior.
  • Private Practice in Anna Vaisman 
  • Facilitator. Manager.

Telegram +972587886390
Instagram @ann.vaisman

Madeleine Tan


Madeleine served in the Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry in the Church of Our Saviour from 1990 to 2009. She helped set up The Healing Rooms in 2003 and served in the ministry until 2009 when she was led to set up Sozo Ministry Asia.

As the Regional Facilitator, Madeleine’s heart is to equip the nations and has traveled to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, Nagaland, China, Taiwan to minister and provide training in inner healing and deliverance. She has traveled the world to minister out of her desire to set people free to realize their destiny and purposes in the Kingdom of God.

In 2023 Madeleine set up the Financial Sozo team in Singapore as she felt the need to help people walk in Financial Health and Wealth.

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